Sort Out Thoughts With…Notebooks (?)


Notebooks and writing in them are still, in this wild futuristic day and age, both positive things.

Let’s face it, they say humans these days have lower attn spans than goldfish, and it’s due to those dern’ smartphones people got now!

Hard to put down, those bastards.But very hard for me to organize myself on them! No matter how many bookmrks or folder I add to try to save information, I can never find SHIT. So I came up with an interesting idea that I’ve been rapidly producidng in the last few months. A cloth  BIN filled with notebooks, each labeled with a different subject such as

  • school
  • Crap I’ve noted I need to buy
  • Work progress
  • Outfit Ideas (here I go  again)
  • Things I’m Missing
  • Phone Calls

Have any ideas about things I could fill up my bin notebooks About?