Hi all, my internet name is Rebecca Nurse! I’ve found myself in my late 20s, living w/ mi madre (madre is mom in inglès) trying to find my way around civilian life.

It can be hard to live and thrive in a space when you feel a little childish in it, especially when all your memories of it are, literally, from your childhood. This blog is about making it my older self’s space, with some riff raff along the way perhaps. 

I’m going back to school to finish my B.A. (hopefully better late than never?), as I’ve received an associates degree, and been to two other four yr institutions

I am in a course called Blogging and Digital Presentation at Empire State College.  I’m excited to have to force myself to chose a blog topic and… follow up on it. I will post at least once a week.

This blog will include my own examples of organization, inspiration across the web I’ve seen and would like to share with you, and what methods I find work better than others.


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