Organize your clothes, again

I know I already brought up clothes, but my sister will be moving in all the way from -well, not too far away, we just haven’t lived with each other for EONS and eons! it’s scheer craziness, but were

gonna say we’re gonna survive it!

Older Sis , Bless her heart,has to have the little room of the two bedrooms. I mean my childhood bedroom. Which, am I not mistaken, still has more EONS of my butt-ton of unorganized clothing.

So guess what. Here’s my organizing theme: Black plastic bags. Cloth bins. 

 Throw evry’ting in there and get on outta there! Im freaking out enough about my OWN room and its dis-organization.( Unorganization?) whatever, I dunno. 

We shall overcome. Progress shall be tracked on here! 


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